Day 60: It’s All About The Inches

It’s that time again!  I can hardly believe another 30 days has gone by, but here we are, and it was time this morning to check my weight, measurements, and progress photos again.

While the scale didn’t go down quite as much as I would have liked, the inches still appear to be melting off.  And ultimately, let’s face it: it’s all about the inches when it comes to getting healthy.  (As discussed in yesterday’s post.)  Think about it: measurements are what determine our clothing size.  Measurements are what determine how we look IN our clothes.  It’s not what the scale says, it’s what the tape measure says that really matters.

So why do we put so much emphasis on the scale?

Probably because it’s easier to step on a scale than it is to measure bust, waist, hips, biceps, thighs, and calves every time we want to check progress.  (Imagine people at a weight watchers meeting having to do that with each of the forty people who come in the door, stripping down and stepping behind a screen to get measured……they’d never finish in less than two hours!)

img_3465Certainly a doctor’s office doesn’t have time to do a proper measurement of a patient’s progress at every visit…not if they want to cram their mandatory forty patients a day into their schedule.  And as a result, we stick to what’s easy: the scale.  In thirty seconds or less we have a result that can either crush or elate someone trying to beat bad habits and get healthy.

Now……is it important to get your weight?

Of course.

It’s not good if the scale says 300 pounds, or 400 pounds.  Not even close.  Unless you’re eight feet tall, those are numbers that are bad news for anyone.  And yes, overall when getting healthy you want to see a general downward trend on the scale right along with your measurements.

But at the same time, success should be measured not just by the number on the scale, but by a combination of things: weight, measurements, and overall health and wellbeing.  Can you walk up a flight of stairs without getting out of breath, whereas before that was impossible?  Good for you! Are you fitting into your jeans without having to suck in your stomach or squeeze into a body shaper first?  That’s fantastic!  If that is happening, then who cares if you only dropped two pounds instead of four?  The img_3466point is you are trending in the right direction, and moreover, you’re implementing habits and changes that have a better chance of becoming permanent changes, whereas the kinds of extreme changes that cause dramatic weight loss in short periods of time often isn’t maintainable over the long haul.

So congratulate yourself on the small victories.  That’s important.  Getting healthy is a JOURNEY.  It’s not a fast, easy fix.

And with that in mind, and keeping my promise of total transparency and honesty on this blog, as of 60 days into my journey, my results are as follows:

Weight: Down 8.6Pounds Total
Inches: Down 8.75 Inches Total

My Three Big Victories Of Note:

  1. All three of my main measurements (bust, waist, hips) are now under 50 inches!  To some this may not seem like a big deal, but for me?  It’s huge.  Any plus size woman can probably relate, too; because if you ever try shopping for clothes online, I find that generally when one of the “main three” measurements is above 50 inches, it’s a lot harder finding things that will fit.
  2. I exercised a minimum of 30 minutes for 60% of these last 30 days.  Huge shift from what I was doing previously, which was essentially 0% of my days each month.  I always feel like a much happier Meghann when I’m getting a big dose of those exercise endorphins in my life.
  3. Three shirts that had become too tight to wear are now wearable.  And gosh darn it, they are really cute shirts!  So I’m freakin elated!

img_3467To everyone else on journeys to accomplish goals, I encourage you (as I instruct all of my clients) to identify what YOUR three victories are this month?  I know you have some.  I promise you do.  And writing them down always helps put things in perspective if you ever find yourself getting impatient or wishing things would change faster.  Building good habits is a process.  And that’s something I have to remind myself of often as well.

(And another friendly reminder for those who like me are on a weight loss journey: don’t forget to take your progress pictures.  It’s as critical as taking your weight and measurements at least once a month.  Because if you feel like you aren’t making a lot of progress, the pictures will show you otherwise.  I still have a long way to go, but I can see with my own eyes the progress from my first picture to now.  And that makes it an effective tool to combat feelings of frustration, impatience, or discouragement that ultimately come up sometimes with these challenges.)

Tomorrow I’ll be posting my goals for the next 30 days, and I hope you all are ready to create some new goals with me.  Cheers!


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