The Top Five: November 2016

If you’re looking for a little bit of light reading this lovely Sunday afternoon/evening, here’s the rundown of my Top Five posts from November 2016, based on reader responses and feedback.  

As always, your feedback, likes, and comments all help me discover what content is preferred so I can continue learning and growing as a writer.  Thank you, I hope you continue to do so as I can’t learn and grow without you!

Now take a look below and see if you missed any of these from last month!




NUMBER ONE: “The Day Prince Charming Rescued Me”

meghann andreassen

Preview: Once upon a time, not so very long ago, though mercifully it grows further and further away from me every day…well, let’s just say it wasn’t a fairytale.  Shrouded in a fog of anxiety and raw nerves, I found myself one October evening sitting on a couch by myself staring at the television and contemplating what on earth I wanted to watch.  It was a dilemma I’d not faced in a long time; my television hadn’t been mine to watch in ages, and I couldn’t remember the last time my house had been so quiet…empty of people and thus devoid of drama.  It should have been a treat…but it wasn’t.  As had become the pattern, I was out of sorts… CONTINUE

NUMBER TWO: “The One Thing I Don’t Talk About”

meghann andreassen

Preview: There’s a lot I’ve talked about since first coming out of my abusive relationship with Randall; speaking with loved ones who had no idea what happened to me, talking in group therapy sessions and on forums where I’ve connected with other men and women, processing with a therapist, and writing/sharing in spaces like this one.  It’s important to do, although it can feel pretty awkward and strange at first.  I think it took me a few months to even be able to say out loud the words ‘abusive relationship’… CONTINUE

NUMBER THREE: “Let Me Fall” (Part I)

meghann andreassen

Preview: “Meghann?  How are you feeling now?”  A hand touches my naked shoulder, and I hiss and recoil from it.  Immediately the hand is gone.  The weight of it is too much.  The warmth too much.  It’s all too much, because everything hurts.  Absolutely everything.  I can’t breathe without gasping for air.  I can’t shift on the bed without whimpering in pain.  And I don’t dare open my mouth, lest I throw up again.  In this moment I am completely and utterly trapped, my body forcing me to lie down and take my punishment for what I’ve done to myself these last several months… CONTINUE

NUMBER FOUR: “Free At Last”


Preview: Do you want to know my secret to happiness in life?  Not just superficial happiness, mind you; I’m talking about the real, raw, honest, gritty kind of happiness that has you able to smile – if only for a few minutes – even on the worst days.  You want to know my secret for that?  Are you ready for it?  Here it is: Have no secrets… CONTINUE

NUMBER FIVE: “A Genesis Story”

meghann andreassen

Preview: In the beginning, there was a woman caught in an abusive relationship dreaming of a happier life.  Except I found myself often dreaming not of my future, but instead of my past.  Of happier times, when I was still smiling and laughing, and wasn’t heartbroken or anxious on a daily basis.  Of people, places, and things that had appreciated me for who I was, and didn’t leave me feeling worthless, useless, or incompetent, but instead encouraged me to be the best I could be…. CONTINUE


meghann andreassen
Meghann Andreassen is a businesswoman, author, and personal success coach who contributes to this and other blogs on a regular basis.  To learn more or to work with her personally, contact her through her website for a free consultation.

**Names and other personal identifying information of some individuals referenced throughout this blog have been changed to protect their identities


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