The Top Five: December 2016

It’s that time again…another month has come and gone.  Crazy!

So just in case you missed them, here’s the rundown of the Top Five posts from December, based on reader responses and feedback.

As always, your feedback, likes, and comments all help me discover what content is preferred so I can continue learning and growing as a writer.  Thank you so much for that; I hope you continue to do so as I can’t learn and grow without you!




“Rebuilding My Safe Place”

meghann andreassen

Preview: I never appreciated what a gift it is to feel safe – safe at home, safe in relationships, safe expressing my thoughts and feelings, safe in the world around me – until it was stripped from me.  I’d certainly felt unsafe before (there are more than a few dark alleys at midnight I ultimately chose to avoid over the years) but lack of safety was always a fleeting experience, directly related to something outside of myself.  Something easily removed or avoided, quickly returning to the overall certainty that I was okay… CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE

“Let’s Talk Triggers”

meghann andreassen

Preview:Today I was efficiently moving through my to-do list, sitting at my desk and occasionally thinking about what I’d be making for dinner and trying to recall the last time I’d taken my dog out, when my phone started vibrating on the desk.  Barely giving it a glance to see if it was someone I needed to pick up for, something in me froze when I looked at the screen and everything about the calm, just-another-day afternoon evaporated… CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE

“Ahab’s White Whale”


Preview: When I was young, I often enjoyed challenging myself with classic literature. One at a time, page after page, I started working my way through the likes of Dickens and Bronte, Hemingway, Shakespeare, and Austin all by the time I was ten years old. It was slow going in the beginning; often one of those tomes would require at least four or five months to finish in my early years.  But I loved it… CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE

“Last Christmas…”

meghann andreassen

Preview: Ever noticed how our minds are almost maddeningly good at glossing over the bad things in life?  If you haven’t, try being in an abusive relationship and then getting out of it and you’ll quickly see what I mean.  It’s a protective mechanism that is well documented in the medical community; it’s how abused children can have years of their lives repressed.  And it’s why the adage ‘time heals all wounds’ is only kind of true.  What it should really say is: ‘with enough time, your mind will dull the memories to make them less painful’… CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE

“Loving A Ghost”


Preview: Randall used to often brag to me about how he wasn’t bothered by such things as sad memories weighing him down; he was genuinely confused when I’d talk about my memories, and then insist he simply didn’t have them…not in the way I described, at any rate.  Insisting he forgot the faces of those around him within months of the last time he saw them (even his own mother), and swearing that he didn’t “miss” people because unless they were directly in front of him, he in a sense forgot they even existed… CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE

meghann andreassen
Meghann Andreassen is a businesswoman, author, and personal success coach who contributes to this and other blogs on a regular basis.  To learn more or to work with her personally, contact her through her website for a free consultation.

**Names and other personal identifying information of some individuals referenced throughout this blog have been changed to protect their identities


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