Throwback: Five Personal Favorites From 2016

Another Throwback Thursday is upon us; so today I’ll share my five personal favorites from last year.  It’s always amusing to me how sometimes the posts I personally enjoy the most aren’t the ones that ultimately resonate with readers.  But as the saying goes, to each their own, right?  So just in case you  missed them the first time, take a look and let me know your thoughts.

Happy Thursday, everyone!



“A Hijacked Heart”

meghann andreassen

Preview: Perhaps it’s because our friendship has reached that place where we’ve now been through the ups and downs of an entire decade together, and that’s given us the chance to learn everything – good, bad, and ugly – about each other as a result.  Stood by one another through glorious successes and disastrous failures; offered support and solace in the darkest times and basked together in the brightest… CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE

“The Sentence That Changed Everything”


Preview: As cliche as it sounds, I can look back and see the precise moments when my thinking about something changed.  Evolution throughout our life journeys often feels gradual, but I find the moment of actual change seems to in fact be quite abrupt; like illuminating a once-dark room with the flip of a switch… CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE

“The Day Prince Charming Rescued Me”

meghann andreassen

Preview: Once upon a time, not so very long ago, though mercifully it grows further and further away from me every day…Well, let’s just say it wasn’t a fairytale…. CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE

“The One Thing I Don’t Talk About”

meghann andreassen

Preview: There’s a lot I’ve talked about since first coming out of my abusive relationship with Randall; speaking with loved ones who had no idea what happened to me, talking in group therapy sessions and on forums where I’ve connected with other men and women who’ve been through similar situations, processing with a therapist, and writing/sharing in spaces like this one. CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE

“Bloom And Grow”


Preview: How is it that I am so unprepared for death? Sitting in the straight-backed hospital chair, I feel the silence of the moment compressing my chest like a two thousand pound weight.  No less stunned than the rest of my family to hear the doctor pronounce that grandpa is dying… CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE

meghann andreassen
Meghann Andreassen is the Chief Operations Officer for Lasting Connections, an author, and a personal success coach who contributes to this and other blogs on a regular basis.  To learn more or to work with her personally, contact her through her website for a free consultation.

**Names and other personal identifying information of some individuals referenced throughout this blog have been changed to protect their identities


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